Looking for the best IT job in US? Here are the job interview questions

IT job in US

  1. Facebook: You’re about to get on a plane to Seattle. You want to know if you should bring an umbrella. You call 3 random friends of yours who live there and ask each independently if it’s raining. Each of your friends has a 2/3 chance of telling you the truth and a 1/3 chance of messing with you by lying. All 3 friends tell you that ‘Yes’ it is raining. What is the probability that it’s actually raining in Seattle?
  2. Facebook:How many birthday posts occur on Facebook on a given day?
  3. Uber:What metrics would you use to track whether Uber’s strategy of using paid advertising to acquire customers works? How would you then figure out an acceptable cost of customer acquisition?
  4. Netflix:How do you know if one algorithm is better than another?”
  5. Netflix:How would you build and test a metric to compare two users’ ranked lists of movie/tv show preferences?
  6. Amazon:How to deal with unbalanced data where the ratio of positive and negative is huge.”
  7. Microsoft:Create a function that checks if a word is a palindrome.”
  8. Microsoft:There are 6 marbles in a bag. 1 is white. You reach in the bag 100 times. After drawing a marble, it is placed back in the bag. What is the probability of drawing the white marble at least once?”
  9. Apple:How do you take millions of users, with 100s of transactions each, among 10,000s of products, and group the users together in meaningful segments?”
  10. Twitter:Given Twitter user data, how would you measure engagement?

  11. Google:There was a question about SQL joins, string parsing in R, some simple machine learning, as well as some general questions about particularly risky or creative things you have done.”
  12. IBM:How do you deal with missing data in IT works?”
  13. LinkedIn:I was asked to come up with some of the factors that could be used to produce certain algorithms (‘people you may know,’ and an algorithm to discover when a person is starting to search for new job.)


You are allowed some questions to ask interviewer at the end of every interview. Get ready for that!

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