Looking for job in pharma industry?

Looking for job in pharma industry

Pharma industry is growing at rapid phase and there is a considerable growth for the professionals with right qualification and experience in pharma industry. But many questions are need to be answered like what do hiring managers are looking for while selecting a candidate and what are the phases of hiring process and what would be the learning opportunities for the pharma candidates. Pharma industry is growing at rapid phase and there is a spectacular demand for health care professionals. Proper training with adequate training will be enough to get qualified for the pharmacy jobs and smoother career. There is a need of skilled manpower in health care industry and it is a big challenge for recruiters to identify right candidate with good academics and qualification and they should ensure the regulatory issues involved in.

Required skills: Pharma is a knowledge driven sector and companies looking for the professionals who are able to understand project requirement and able to maintain data secrecy with good ethical values. They need to maintain the data secrecy and confidential which is most expecting thing from a fresher. Soft skills like communication skills, leadership qualities, innovative thinking and adaptability to changing circumstances are also most important qualities for pharma candidates. Due to the rapid changes in the industry, job seekers are expected to be adjusting as per the changes and improve processes and learn new things.

Hiring process: Initial screening process explores a candidates skills matching with job description. Once the preliminary screening is done then cultural aspects will be checked further. Sourcing will be done through websites, referrals, consultants and campus hires.

Training: Phrama industry is facing employee attrition and companies are s reaching ways to retrieve the skilled manpower. Training and leadership development programmes also encourage employees towards their career growth. A phrama company HR Head reveals that We have internal Leadership Development programmes, MDPs, skill trainings, development centres and mentoring programmes for the non-medical team members. For the medical workforce, we have several revolutionary programmes like Physician Assistant programme, Finishing School etc.

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