Let your part time jobs add value to your profile

Let your part time jobs add value to your profile

If you don’t have much experience to show in your profile and you have much experience in part time jobs then show it in your profile to add value to your profile in recruiter’s short listing process. But this is true that employers will give maximum weightage to the full time employment rather than part time jobs added in your profile. Whatever the industry or company you have worked and part time jobs are not considered seriously as compared to full time jobs. It is known fact that all the experiences we have could not be mentioned in our profile. Only relevant and useful experience need to be added to your profile. This has to be done until we gain real experience. Follow below tips to inject your part time experience to your resume.

Highlight the results achieved than no of jobs: Prepare a resume which focus more on your results achieved than responsibilities. Mentioned results should be relevant to the target position and brief about your achievements by showing how it impacted the operations. Focus more on outcomes, benefits and achievements on your profile.

Highlight soft skills and technical skills: The other way to highlight your skills is to focus more on your soft skills rather than the technical skills you have and your ability to innovate your work values. You have enough skills to handle clients with strong interpersonal skills you have and able to do multi tasking in work environment.

Learning skills: You can mention that how you can overcome a challenge with an immediate action. This is more applicable for the positions when companies hiring candidates with potential rather than the experience and technical skills. If you have very irrelevant past experience then you can use it to say that you have fast learning skills.

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