Lack of design and creative skills: Design trouble’ for Indian IT

Lack of design and creative skills: Design trouble' for Indian IT

Indian IT industry is facing a new challenge ├óÔé¼ÔÇØ hiring artists and designers. HR experts believe that it was currently a ‘supply constraint, not a demand constraint’. Due to lacking design and creative skills could mean that they could be shut out of lucrative digital contracts. To setup the dedicated design practices, to acquiring global design firms, to mandating internal marketing design teams to work with clients. Vice president and global head of TCS Digital Enterprise said “There are some very good artists and designers who don’t have bachelor’s degrees. So we have to create exceptions in our hiring policies to be able to bring them on board. Even managing artistic and design people is different. They typically need more feedback and we have made it so that even our senior leaders can spend time with them. Some of our employees were good at art in school, but maybe due to parental pressure, they moved to engineering. But we have seen some people with talent move to the design side.

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