Aries (27 March ├óÔé¼ÔÇ£ 19 Apr): This year start with a positive way. You will be more enthusiastic and it is advised to go slow. From a professional prospective there will be some definite movements like new assignment, a change that will be, most likely.

Taurus (20 Apr -20 May): This year opportunities and challenges are in equal quotient. Be confident to face the failures in this year 2014. As for your career, you will need to positively accept the change to make your growth as a professional more visible.

Gemini (22 June-22 Jul): During the year 2014, you need to take a good care of yourself. Take career-related decisions only after considering all the pros and cons. A work change may be unavoidable, but avoid furious job-hopping at all costs!

Cancer (23 Jul-22 Aug): On the job front, the year ahead may prove to be a favorable one as the planetary alignment indicates that salary increment and promotion are in store for you. You may also consider changing your career altogether.

Leo (23 Aug-22 Sep): In the business front, you may be tempted to push your luck and introduce some experimental strategies. However, the scenario may change during the second half of 2014, so you can shift gears then.

Virgo (23 Sep-22 Oct): You will kick start the year on a positive note. You should avoid risks, and take the tried and tested route on the business front.

Libra (23 Sep├óÔé¼ÔÇØ22 Oct): Be very careful of your words and actions as even petty issues may go out of hand in no time. You are going to have a favorable period on the career front in the form of a promotion or an increment.

Scorpio (23 Oct-21 Nov): Your hard-work may not fetch expected results. On the job front, you may expect rewards and recognition for your hard-work and sincerity. A promotion or an increment is foreseen.

Sagittarius (22 Nov-21 Dec): At work, you will get a number of opportunities to showcase your skills and creativity.

Capricorn (22 Dec-19 Jan): The momentum on the work front may make you want to change your job. You should first focus on your current job, and make adjustments according to the demands of your job profile.

Aquarius (20 Jan-18 Feb): In work, there may be some disappointments and many a times, you may not be rewarded or appreciated for your hard-work and sincerity. But, it is advisable that you stay focused and objective despite such setbacks.

Pisces (19 Feb -20 Mar): As for your career, it is predicted that things may drastically change post June 2014. If you are offered a job that requires you to relocate to another city, check all the pros and cons of your decision, before accepting the offer and making a major move.

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