Know the 5 C’s for Effective Team Building

Having a strong team is very essential to work effectively and to produce spectacular results. Good and effective team coordination results in a successful project. Every company strives to inculcate team values in their employees to create a strong value based organization. Strong team improves the performance and quality. Building a strong team can only be possible through effective communication and cooperation. Building a strong environment is not an easy task and it depends on how the management creates favorable environment for people coming from different cultures and regions. Major qualities that help in making a strong team can be classified as 5c’s and they are mentioned as follows:

• Collaboration: Effective collaboration yields good results and this can happen only when each and every member of the team is clear about what is expected from them and also what they have to do. If the team lacks clarity then they fail in building a strong team. Having clear expectations and understanding his/her responsibility provides direction in which they should work and also helps in meeting individual goals. This will in turn help them to achieve project goals.

• Control: Team manager should have a control over the team members to make team strong. Manager should evaluate each member of the team, understand their working style and behavior. According to that manager has to assign responsibilities and authorities to go with it. Having too much of control over the team members makes them less creative and innovative and this will in turn affect the productivity. Therefore assigning them right amount of work and authority makes them stronger, responsible and helps to yield good results.

• Commitment: Any project will become successful only when there is a good commitment towards work. Management has to take responsibility in motivating and inculcating commitment in their employees. This makes the team more responsible and they will be committed towards making the project successful.

• Communication: Communicating effectively is very important as lack of communication always leads to misunderstanding and this ultimately results in poor performance and bad results. It is also important to make sure that the team performance is not affected because of lack of communication. Open communication should be encouraged and everyone in the team should be given chance to express their views and share their ideas. This adds a lot of strength to the team performance and leads to better results.

• Cooperation: Finally cooperation and coordination between the team members is also very important in building a strong team. Team members should coordinate among themselves and understand each other’s work style. This will make them comfortable to work with each other and will create good bonding between them. It becomes easy for the team to face challenges.


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