Jobs Mate: A social media job search app from wisdom jobs

You may use facebook as a social networking tool to connect with your friends and contacts. Earlier facebook can only be used for the update and share your happenings among your network. Now social media is a tool to hunt your dream job. Now facebook is a platform to advertise your professional detail to companies and search your dream job.

Wisdomjobs is a unique fourth generation job portal and contributing to the jobseekers with more knowledge and more jobs. Earlier wisdom jobs has created many innovative products to the users and now is has come up with a social job search app called Jobs mate to create a social platform to take the companies and jobseekers on same ground.

Jobs Mate powered by Wisdom jobs enables a recruiter to reach out to personal networks of their employees, match the skills and requirements to those in the extended network and use the referral feature to connect with potential candidates. The service, in effect, helps both a recruiter company and job aspirant meet on Face book.

Jobs mate also introduced a contest called ÔÇ£Join Your Peer ContestÔÇØ to strengthen your networking and add more contacts to your network chain. At the same you will win exiting gifts if you have added more contacts to your network through jobs mate. It is a great opportunity to win gifts and strengthen your network. This is a new revolution in social media era.

The total number of searchable jobs on Jobs Mate is from top companies and number of searchable profiles is growing per month.

It is a right platform to reach target companies
Help you in building personal branding
Presents you the targeted list of companies
Improve your network
Enhance your social groups

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