Job search tips on Google

Job search tips on Google

Most of us don’t know that Google search is a powerful tool to perform job search. Internet has made our jobs easy and you can access Information on anything to anywhere. Now, job search is easy that you can perform on Google by entering some keywords related to your job profile. Search for the potential employers and their details for specific jobs and keywords which define the job postings. Google is a powerful job search tool if we use it in a proper way. Below tips may useful to make your job search in a right way via Google.

Right keywords: When you are searching for jobs on Google then put it as job or jobs succeeding with job title and job location. Change the criteria and search for jobs.

Right quotation marks: When you perform search on Google it delivers the results including all the entered keywords. Enclose the most required jobs in double quotes ( ) then it will deliver the exact results containing with those keywords.

OR search: If you are looking for multiple jobs then put OR between the two keywords to find jobs on either. Be sure to use all capital letters for the word OR then it will show the pages that contain the search terms.

Wild card use: When you are not interested to look for some sales men job and not sure about the industry then put an asterisk by giving space then Google will show the results on different locations.

Limit your search: If you want to limit your job search to a particular search then use Google’s Site Search capability.

Exclude unwanted results: If you want to exclude some results from Google search then exclude those words used on those pages you want to avoid.

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