Job applicants lie on resumes?

Most of the candidates lie in their resumes about experience, qualification, pay scale and skills. They do this so as show themselves attractive to the potential employers. This is very risky because most of the companies do a background check to verify all the documents and references submitted by the candidate. Background checks have become easier because Internet has made it much easier to verify a person’s claims about education, experience, skills, salary and employment dates. Almost in all the companies HR departments perform an audit on their new employees and check the employee’s background. If they find anything untruthful or illegal, companies immediately terminate that particular employee. Here are some of the areas where most of the candidates may lie:

• About employment and salary: Some people get gaps in their employment and when they apply for a new job, they lie in their resume by changing employment dates. Companies while doing a background check enquire with the past employer, to confirm whether the candidate has really worked for the company as per the mentioned dates or not. Some candidates, who are greedy to earn more salary, often lie in their resumes about salary package.

• About qualification and designation: When the desired job is demanding for some highest qualification and if the candidate doesn’t possess that qualification, they lie in their resume telling that they possess that qualification. And some candidates also lie about their designation which they had with the past employer.

• About skills: Some jobs need high technical skills like IT jobs. Some candidates, who get tempted to apply for these kinds of jobs, lie in their resume saying that they possess high technical skills.

These are some of the main areas where most of the candidates frequently lie. There are many tools that have been brought recently to check all these. Therefore it is better that candidate instead of lying or adding false information, they should include only reliable information so as to avoid dismissal or termination.


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