IT SMEs pay more than tech companies: This is how

IT SMEs pay more than tech companies

According to a study, India to become largest SME nation globally and is expected to provide jobs to more than nine crore professionals. Enterprise mobility, cloud computing, big data and analytics providers of IT small and medium enterprises saw high degree of innovation, product building and niche solutions. The survey also found that IT professionals to receive 10-12 per cent annual salary increase, SMEs in this industry have been able to pay out more, averaging 15-17 per cent increase in salaries. The main reason behind this is that not only retains clients but also acquiring more projects. Many IT SMEs have experienced tough phases, so they were streamlined their processes and developed their own stratagem of survival and growth, which is bringing in good revenues.

Setting realistic expectations: Many IT SMEs companies believe that they have price advantage due to lower overheads and they sign on a client only if it is a doable project. IT SMEs able to decide whom they would like to partner with when providing services, given the niche services and customization they provide.

Quality work attracts top talent: Experts suggest being choosy in taking a project will help you to meet parameters. If the project is just an `idea’ or timelines are stringent and expectations unrealistic, then do not take on the assignment at all. By taking on such an assignment, there will be loss of money, time and man hours. Additionally, the morale within the team goes down. Such projects actually become failures which can damage our brand value in the market.

Combination of international exposure and skills: Indian IT SME s is not core tech companies as they were earlier. Today, they have acquired multiple skills and are able to suitably adapt to the requirements of various geographies. IT SMEs focus on achievable targets and feasible project which gives far greater and quicker returns.

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