IT careers for jobseekers

IT careers for jobseekers

We are living in the age of information technology. Information technology sector has gained prominent place in the market due to its IT and ITES sectors. It has created outstanding opportunities to employees. Today computers are being used not only in corporate sector but also in other fields like service sector, food processing, banking sector and others.

Hardware: It includes physical elements of the computers system dealing with designing, manufacturing and maintenance of computers. It also includes assembling of the manufactured components of the computers.
o Manufacturing
o Maintenance
o Research and development
o Management

Software: It includes a set of instructions that enable a computer to perform.

o Manufacture: This involves production and assembly of components of computer systems.
o Software development: Maintenance department look after the functioning of the machine and help in rectifying and detecting the breakdowns.
o Data entry: The data required for the programs are stored in the system.
o Programmers/Coders: Programmers write and test programs.
o Application programmers: These programmers design user friendly programs on individual use basis by testing and integrating them.
o Support services: It involves support services which help the customers choose the right product while purchasing the software.
o Database administration: It involves management and administration of data base.
o Sales and Marketing: It involves selling different parts of a computer system.
o Data center management: It involves management of critical servers and other networking equipment. Data centers runs on 24/7 basis.

A person who wants to perceive their career in IT field should have below requirements:
Logical thinking
Strong communication skills
Hard working nature
Organizational abilities
Able to work in long working hours
Able to take independent decisions

A candidate should have below qualifications to get a professional job in IT field. They are as follows:

Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA)
Bachelor in Science with Computers (B.Sc)
Masters in Computer Applications (MCA)
M.Sc in computers
Masters in System Management
B.Tech and B.E
Computer certification courses

IT professionals are offered with much kind of professional jobs in the market as the sector is creating number of opportunities to the IT graduates. Some of them are as below:

Software Engineers
Web developers
System analysts
Technical writers
Knowledge engineers
Computer education

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