Is your social media profile conveying right message to employers??

Is your social media profile conveying right message to employers??

Nowadays social media profile conveys a lot to the potential employers and potential jobseekers. Social media profile creates a personal branding and it is a great platform for companies to make their row identity and brand creation on social media without paying much. Now it has been a great platform for the candidates who are seeking for jobs openly. If you have posted your profile on social media then it is worth considering what your profile conveys to a potential employer as well as to potential colleagues. Below are the blunder mistakes made by social media profile users which spoil their brand image on social media:

Not knowing about social media etiquette: Do research in social media sites that what is appropriate and what is not appropriate to post on social media platforms. When you are performing job search on social media then potential employers will easily discourage you from job search by seeing the postings made by you on social media sites. An employer may think in a way that your social media presence will imply same to the work environment.

Very few contacts: If you have very few contacts on your account it may represent you that you have very poor networking and communication skills. Join groups related to your profile and start connect with different communities to get succeed in job search easily.

Common mistakes: Some common mistakes like typo errors and incomplete profiles convey the message that you are not particular about the job and not paying attention in detail. Recruiters will select your profile with rich keywords find in your profile but incomplete profiles will always a sign of rejection.

Unsupported things: When you have posted your profile then add some tagline about yourself to introduce to the potential employer on LinkedIn, Twitter, and facebook.

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