Is your high salary quote making you to lose chances?

You have rich experience in your skill sets and planning to look for change. You have started applying for jobs and getting good enough calls. But the recruiters are lagging behind with the fact of high pay. Below tips may

Research the companies: Do research the companies who are ready to pay more higher than your average salary for your skills and experience.

Never mention your salary history in your resume: It is not advisable to mention your salary history in your resume unless theyve asked for. You can mention the promotions and designations to give them a clear idea for better understanding of your expectations.

Explain them how you will add value to employers: If the employers thought you are expensive and still interested to choose you it means that your skills and expertise are in high demand. This is the time to show your personal integrity and contributions to the firm which fall under the scanner for such positions.

Salary negotiations: Salary negations would be the last and final round of the interview and this question would be expected when the interviewer is completely satisfied with your performance in previous rounds. Explain them beery clearly that what they will get once they hire you by showcasing your skill sets and technical abilities.

If they offer less salary than your present pay: If you are forced to agree for decreased salary than 30-40% hike as you are expected. If you are really interested with the company and profile and then think about the other allowances and benefits offered by the company. You can ask for higher variable pay, which is granted by many companies in these days.

Take the final decision: If you are less interested to work with the same industry then move on to the same industry in different geographical location.

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