Is your boss taking credit for the work you do?

boss taking credit

There are bad and good bosses and most of the times bad bosses take the credit of the work their subordinates do. At times your boss may speak to other people in the organization and refers your work or ideas without giving credit to you. Some employees in their company face this problem and they do not know what to do. This could be hard to tell as it may lead to serious situations. If your boss is really taking the credit of your work for his/her own growth, you should definitely become alert and take some precautions. Here are some suggestions to avoid situational leadership:

Document all your work: Do not give any best ideas in personal or private conversation or through emails. Every organization maintains a status report. Therefore take the advantage of this and document all your work. If you do this, it will become difficult for others to stake a claim on your work. Create files for yourself and document your day to day work.

Have a discussion with your boss: If you really feel that your boss has taken all the credit of your work and is getting personally benefitted with that, try to have non-defensive conversation with your horrible boss. Ask them for a clarification on why the omission took place. Read about leadership theories and try to discuss how that can be rectified and move on. Don’t attempt to nail them, it will only go bad.

Be a good team player: You may not be the only person who gets all the credit. It is definitely a team work. Try to appreciate others work in meetings or through emails. This will make your colleagues to appreciate your work as well. This will create an open environment of sharing your ideas.

Act according to the situations: When your boss takes the credit for the work you do, you may feel insulted and it may also humiliate the environment for trust. Most of the times, bosses may not do this intentionally, but they are being thoughtless. Try to adjust both your thinking and your behavior as and when needed and ensure that your career is on track.

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