Is your boss overly critique?

boss critisism

A common problem at workplace is that most critical boss. Many employees have been suffering from most critical boss. But it is not a problem that working with a boss who sees only negatives and the great work performed by you also ignored and your mistakes will be high lightened. Even your small mistakes are also considered and criticized. But it is also important to check your work thoroughly before submitting. Make ensure that you’ve done everything perfectly. It is important to learn some tips to deal with this situation and this kind of personalities.

Treat it as a learning experience: Dealing with the people who have critical personality is a great art at workplace and life also. Take notes from this and plan to deal with this kind of people. Once you start dealing with difficult persons then you will be an expert in future.

Be away: It’s really difficult to survive in a situation by surrounding with negative people. You will be growing smaller day by day and you will lose your confidence levels. Take frequent breaks from your work and take a walk to come out. Expand your world with positive people and let it grow gradually.

Address it: Just think in a way that is you’re boss really critical or you are under performing? Or any mistakes in your working style? Think for all these questions and be open up and ask your boss for the ways to meet the expectations. Maintain the better communication and request to establish realistic expectations. Be transparent and let your boss know that you are motivated by recognition. It will help you to get the right facts about your work and responsibilities.

Take responsibility: Control your response and take responsibility for the things and be an expert in no time. Be responsible for your own attitude and not a victim for the faults. We are not supposed to change or restrict somebody behavior except ours. So be positive and try to give good work without any backdrops.

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