Is work from home an obstacle to career growth?

career growth obstacle

Work from home is a buzz word and recently it was in news by banning some companies like yahoo and HP. Even though many companies are offering work from as part of their flexible working option policy. Growing technology also created the importance of work from home and its uses. Many professionals thought that work from home provides work life balance and save costs to company. It is mostly suitable for women employees and part time employees also. There are advantages and disadvantages in work from home option also. Below are the advantages of work from home:

Advantages of work from home:

Many studies have proven that work from home makes employees more productive and more output by saving time and cost.

Company costs reduced: When you work from home company will save various costs like coffee, paper, phone bills and electricity consumption.

No travel expenses: There will be a significant savings in travel expenses every month and convert the same costs to learn new skills and courses.

More productivity: There will be significant increase in the productivity of employees. Work from home reduces the stress and less stressed employees are the source of more productivity.

More flexibility: When you work from home, it will give you the leverage that you will work as per flexible timings by balancing the work and home.

Disadvantages of work from home:

No human interaction: A casual chat only involves to communicate with team members and if requires phone calls. There will be no human interaction.

Not consider for promotion: Regular communication with your boss and frequent visits to office not only play key role for smooth flow of work. Work from home may be an obstacle to your career growth in consideration of promotions.

Disturbances: There will be many disturbances at home like children, family and others. Sometimes system problems and power cuts are unavoidable.


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