Is the Growth in Job Field in India a Healthy Growth?

If we see the history from decades India has been named as a “Developing Country”. Now India is named as “Emerging Nation”. In years to come it may be a “Super Power”. Today we notice people of India in the headlines of all the magazines. May it be in richest people in the world or may it be in technology. Most recently Hindustan Unilever and BHEL are named in top ten companies for adopting best processes.

In spite of all this, in the job field; on one side we are having lot of jobs vacant because of scarce talent and on the other side we face the problem of unemployment. Why is this happening? This is because all the talent pool of India is entering into a single field until it gets saturated and has no more opportunity. Whereas, other fields are left unattended.

In past few years there was tremendous growth in IT sector. But, the growth in Manufacturing and Agriculture sector were dismal. For a nation to attain a healthy growth all the sectors should grow equally well. To attain this all of us and our govts should work together. We should not limit ourselves to a particular field. Our talent pool should be spread into diverse fields according to their expertise.

This type of unequal growth may hold good for short term. But, on long run it may pose challenges in the job field and leave many of us unproductive. Before something goes wrong; career guiding firms like Wisdom should take charge and make people aware of vibrant opportunities and prospects in various fields. If we spread people into various fields; in future we need not fall short of expertise.

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