Is a woman boss performs better than a men boss?


This is not true that a women boss performs great than men. Or a men boss performs great than a women boss. Boss is Boss, leadership and managerial skills are gender neutral. Managers perform well not on the basis of their gender bias but the capacity and powers they have will help them to perform well. There is no evidence to prove women bosses performs well than men boss or men bosses are great than women boss. But studies on general characteristics of women reveal that women are hard-working, understanding and detail oriented about the tasks they have assigned. If we generalize the concept there will not be much difference at their performance levels at work. Sometimes women are considered as lacking the necessary drive and single-minded commitment to take on senior executive and leadership roles.
To perform leadership roles competencies are nessacary and people who lack whether men and women need to be trained or mentored to make them more reliable professionals. Instead of all these organizations must focus on the strengths of the two candidates relative to the role in question. The process to decide which of them to select should be exactly the same as it would be if the two candidates were women both, or men. If the woman is better suited, it would be because she possesses and demonstrates in her individual capacity the competencies required for the role in greater measure than the man she is competing with, rather than because she is a woman.

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