Interview questions which you should never ask and never answer

never ask and never answer

When an interviewer ask the question that do you have any questions to ask then your queries may reflect your knowledge of the company, interview skills,your work ethic, your level of professionalism, and your interest in the role. Here are some interview questions which you should never ask below questions for interviewer:

► What does your company do?
► What will my salary be?
► Will I have to work long hours?
► How soon can I take a vacation?
► How quickly could I be considered for a promotion?
► When will I be eligible for a raise?
► Will I have my own office?
► What happens if I don’t get along with my boss or coworkers?
► Will I have an expense account?
► Are you married?/Do you have kids?/etc.
► Can I make personal calls during the day?
► I heard this rumor about the CEO; is it true?
► Do you monitor emails or internet usage?
► Do you do background checks?
► Can I arrive early or leave late, as long as I get my work done?
► How did I do?
► Did I get the job?
Bonus: The worst question of all is the one you never ask.

Here are some interview questions which you should not answer in an interview.

► Do you have any children?
► How old are you?
► What is your citizen status?
► What is your weight?
► What is your financial status or credit rating?
► Have you got any debts?
► What is your family status?
► Do you believe in God?
► Do you drink alcohol?
► What do you do on the weekends?
► What religious holidays do you observe?
► What is your race?

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