Innovative Engineering Jobs for the Year 2014

Innovative engineering jobs for the year 2014

Engineering is an emerging course of present days and it has become one of the best professions in the world. In the last decade there are many changes have been taken place in this sector and many new job roles have been introduced with the advent of technology boom. We have furnished specialized areas of jobs for the next generation professionals who want to seek their career as a job aspirant. Below is the list of jobs designed of engineering students:


Robotics is the most interesting and exciting option for technology lovers. The combination of electrical, computer and mechanical engineering have created a strong base for the engineers associated with this segment. Robotics creation is bit expensive and it involves some high end models and professional wise it is a great opportunity to prove them. This sector also creates jobs for testers, programmers and operators along with engineers.

3D printing

3D printing is considered as the next generation technological evolution. Right from astronauts to architects, everyone is heralding a 3D printer’s ability to create, scale models and larger than life sci-fi objects. There is a great demand for the professionals who deal with 3D models and printers.


This is also an upcoming filed for engineering professionals and creating projects in different fields like materials science, engineering, physics, chemistry and biology. Nano technology degree will give strong exposure in various areas like engineering of nanostructures, fundamental physics, and chemistry.

Energy systems engineering

It is a replacement for renewable energy sources and engineering graduates with knowledge of energy generation, conversion, energy management and electrical power systems are eligible for these jobs.

Fuel cells

It is also an emerging job procurement filed for chemical engineering students for the energy and automobile companies. The other sectors which create jobs for fuel cells are manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, automobile and gaming.

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