Important things to check before switching to a startup


According to the recent survey, mid and senior level managers are making move to start-ups due to the fast paced growth. Indian start-ups are luring top performers by offering work culture, ESOPs and hefty pay packages. Established companies have been losing their top talent from mid and senior level manages to start-ups. The survey also mentioned that the many companies had lost their top performers in last six months because of start-ups.

Start-ups luring the senior level professionals from well established companies to establish a structured system processes with some level of governance. To overcome the unstructured ecosystem they are looking for experienced professionals who can leverage experience, domain knowledge and networks to create the right systems and processes.Many companies invite people for startup ideas to elevate their projects.

It is also very interesting that only less percent of mid and senior level professionals enjoy the fast paced work atmosphere. Nearly 20-30 percent of the professionals failed to adapt to the new work culture. A professional need to work beyond the job description in a start-up and often they failed to go beyond their role. It is most important to analyze once before joining a start-up. Here are the things which you need to think about job information:

* Understand the scope of your work and the kind of business value the promoter wants you to bring to the company. Will you be able to achieve it within the allotted time?
* Leverage your experience and domain knowledge to understand what their exact mentor-ship needs are.
* Determine how committed they are to their own start-up. Are they really passionate or they would drop in the middle of the game?
* Are they well-funded? If not, do they have a solid funding plan?
* What kind of long-term vision do they have for the business?
* What are their internal processes like?

Start-up companies offer 15-20 percent hikes for mid professionals and senior level people will get the hike based on their efforts to grow the business.

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