Importance of Training in current corporate scenario


The increasing trend of Information technology and communication is driving to intense levels of change in corporate world, which results in expansions, globalization, indent new skill sets, new projects and many more. So, Training and career development are considered as the key terminologies that are often used in the organization which mainly focuses on PROGESSING and also as a key tool to adapt change in the workforce. Simply, Training is always defined as the process of acquiring required skill set, to perform certain job and on the other side career development which focuses on the broader aspects like creative thinking, decision making, people management skills and more.
The obvious situations when training is needed are:
New hires
Change of department/ project /Transfer
Implementation of New technology/ change of older process / realignment
When Training need is identified due to performance deficiencies
Below are the noticeable situations where employee career development is required
Internal promotion policy
QWL activities and programs
Development or change in the organizational culture
However, now-a-days, many companies have sought to incorporate procedural training and career development programs to make their employee’s portrait themselves in productive way to work and thus to the competent world.
New hire orientation, Supervisor Management training, Employee Trainings, Safety, welfare measures, employee ergonomics training, on-job, off-site training and to mention lot more kinds of training sessions are available. But, to identify the most suitable training to the employees, one opts to analyze the training need. One of which self ├óÔé¼ÔÇ£assessed training needs are growing in popular, which clearly means self- assessment of training needs. Here, the top management expects the employees of the department and the supervisor to pronounce the business needs for the department, as well as the skill needs and performance deficiencies of the Individuals.
Self- Assessment is premised on the assumption that employees, more than anyone else, as they are aware of their weaknesses and performance deficiencies. Therefore, they’re in the best position to identify their own training needs.
There is nothing training cannot do.
Nothing is above its reach.
It can turn bad morals to good.
It can destroy bad principles and recreate good ones.
It can lift men to performing excellence. ├óÔé¼ÔÇ£ Mark Twain

Once, TNA (Training Need Analysis) is done accompanied with an effective training, the next main step is training feedback evaluation of training. As said by the great people about work is to follow 3 basic rules:
Three rules of Work:
Out of clutter, find SIMPLICITY
From discord, find HARMONY
In the middle of difficulty, lies OPPORTUNITY.
Training score card helps in analyzing and to evaluate the training program.
To conclude training is not to teach you anything in specific about anything, as it can’t teach anyone, but only to help you to discover yourselves in the work environment.

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