Importance of social resume in present days

Social resume helps in gaining more visibility to your profile. It also helps in grabbing attention of recruiters and gain visibility in front of recruiters in your domain. Social resume playing an important role in a candidates job search process and gives an advantage in the competitive job market. Social resume is a buzz word in the present market and uses to gain more visibility and enhance networking options and make your place as a leader in the present market. It gives widespread access to your profile through the social resume. Social resume is not a replacement for your profile but it will play an important role to addition to your resume in job search process.

Below tips may useful for gaining more visibility for having a good social resume:

1. Be on your own name

Most of the employers looking online profile in talent hunt. Even job seekers also give preference to get more visibility to their profile. Make sure that your information should keep you in front of employers and land your dream job. Social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook will display your profile and other details on your own name. So make ensure that you have registered with your own name

2. Create an effective online profile

Make your own online portfolio and fill all the details about you. This is the right place to exhibit your professional and personal details to your network.

3. Make your own blog

Earlier bloggers use to write their personal details in the blogs rather than useful material to the target audience. Along with the changing times, bloggers use to posting many interesting and useful information on their own blogs. So, create your own blog and post informative things and be in touch with your followers.

4. Social media as a communication tool

Use social media as a communication tool to promote yourself among your network. Share information and use social media as a platform to gain visibility on social networking sites.


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