How your past salary matters in present job?

How your past salary matters in present job

When you are applying for a job recruiters consider your past salary history for the present job openings. Most of the companies are asking the details of salary of applicants at the time of applying jobs along with r├â┬®sum├â┬® or after completing some rounds of interview. This is most important aspect that how you deal with your present employer at the time of salary discussions along with insight on your profile and communicating the same to the employers. You should analyze yourself that how would your salary imply for the present job you are applying for? How your past salary matters in present job? Below information may helpful in analyzing that how a recruiter will encode the salary details furnished by you.

Benchmark for the position offered: Recruiters will decide a salary range for a position offered as per the connectivity to the market range, experience, skills they have and previous positions they hold. Recruiters also check that whether the employee is getting equal salary range among the employees who are working on same functional skillset.

Checking the compatibility between the salaries offered and expected salary: When a company started hiring for a position they pre-decide a salary quote and start looking for suitable candidates based upon those requirements. When the expected salary is appropriate in level with the offered salary range then they start hiring process with more ease.

To know your career growth: Your past earning will determine that how serious are to the career and professional aspects. In some aspects salary is not a right criteria but it definitely measure the future expectations of a candidate. Here you can take advantage by discussing your salary details with prospective employers in detailed way:

Discuss about your salary: You should explain about your salary details to your recruiter in case you are drawing less salary as compare to market rate.

Focus on your strengths: To be on competitive edge gives details of previous salaries to know employer that you are more skilled.

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