How to write personal statement in your resume?


Your resume is selling point for you in front of recruiters as it gives an impression in front of recruiters to understand about you in fist 30 seconds. So you need to impress a recruiter in those 30 seconds to sell yourself. Personal statement is an important part of any resume and targeted to highlight your professional features and future goals at a glance. The below tips may helpful to write your personal statement to know more details about you:
Restrict the number of words in your resume: Your personal statement should not be more than 50 words and each sentence should give an additional value to your resume.
Don’t use phrases: Don’t use personalized words and phrases but give it and feature it as an individual resume to standout among the list of resumes. Repeated phrases make your resume bit weak and fail to create the impact.
Don’t use general statements: Some general statements like good team player and excellent communicator doesn’t reveal much about you. Rather than this give a stamen with your realistic skills and capabilities.
Don’t talk too much about past: Your personal statement should not talk about what you have done in past job than what you want to do and reasons for applying job.
Don’t give catchy lines: It is not suggested to use catchy marketing lines as your personal statements or headlines. A jargon with trendy language will never satisfy the need.
An example for personal statements:
Sales: Rich experience as a sales executive with excellent marketing and networking skills to achieve the desired goals

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