How to write an official email?

email writing

Due to the globalization the entire staff widespread in various parts of the country. Emails are communication agents in any office and play an important role in any business world. Writing a professional email is an art as it needs formal style of writing. If you follow the below tips you can write an excellent official email writing:

  • Font:Use an official font like Verdana or Times new roman with size of 10 or 11.
  • Addressing the people:Don’t forget to include people addressed in the mail. Include the people in Copy (cc) field and include the people to whom you want to hide purposefully in Blind Carbon Copy (bcc).We can use Dear Mr/Ms (Name) followed by last name and end with yours sincerely. It you attach a file include “The file has been attached “ rather than “ Please find the attached”
  • Body of the mail:Include a subject line which expresses the idea behind the mail in maximum of 6 words. You can also include”According to your mail” rather than “As per your mail”. Give brief introduction in first paragraph and make ensure that all paragraphs of your mail are left aligned. It is also important to maintain the mails brief with 2-4 paragraphs
  • Don’t use short forms:Avoid using short forms for business email like:

FYI – For your information
ASAP – As soon as possible
EOD – End of Day
COP – Close of Play
FYA – For your action
FYI and NA – For your information and necessary action
PFA – Please find attached

  • Structure of the mail:Have a meaningful signature which contains your name, email address, telephone number and postal address. Don’t forget to proofread your mail and send it finally

The structure of the mail should be as mentioned below:
1. Introduce yourself in first paragraph ,if you are unknown
2. Write the actual message in second paragraph ,which should contain the purpose of the mail
3. Last paragraph should include the conclusion. Use could instead of can or please, which sounds official


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