How to win an interview? Read this…

win an interviewInterview is a place to exhibit you talent and skills to the interviewer and win the job. It requires applying some strategies and techniques to win among the list of candidates with same skill sets. Read below tips which may useful for  job winning social interview:

Do Research about companies: Research about the companies inside and out before your interview. If you know someone who works at a company where youve gone for an interview, spend some time and have a picture of that company. Get to know the top search professionals in your area. Have discussions with people you know in the same field. Research about companies and put a short list together. Find out who the contacts of companies where you have an interest and reach out to them. Spend time preparing answers to questions that you can reasonably expect to be asked in an interview.

● Know about the interviewer: Learn as much as you can about the interviewer before the interview and prepare questions before the meeting. Be an expert in social networking which is playing an important role in job search. Treat recruiters and prospective employers with the same courtesy that you expect from them. Demonstrate genuine interest in each job you interview for, finish the interview by expressing your interest in the role, and thank the interviewer for their time. Send follow-up thank-you notes to everyone you meet with.

● Interview etiquettes: Dress professionally for an interview and also be professional at an interview. Remember, everything counts! Utilize campus career centers. Practice interviewing, get feedback, and revise your interview strategy. Talk with your favorite professor to get leads. Participate in job fairs to develop your communication skills. Build your own job-hunting strategy. Prepare cover letters and suitable resumes for each job you apply for. Tell everyone in your networking that you are looking for a job. Use your time properly to develop new skills.

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