How to test a candidate’s soft skills?


Now recruitment is taking in to new ways and employers are checking many ways to test employer’s skills. Social media behavior and Psychometric assessment tests are being taken by employers to test candidate’s spirit and ethical values in performing a team. Pre employment checks are taking place to validate the feedback of candidates with one sided feedback and companies are approaching innovative and scientific measures to test the soft skills of the job applicants. Even companies are not considering referrals as they will give feedback on the basis of friendly relationships. In traditional method of recruitment employers use to check candidate’s skills with the method of judging the soft skills of a candidate.

Now innovative methods like sports simulation technique is followed by employers like when the candidate is shortlisted by their academic excellence then they are asked to play football and their individual behavior in a team will be observes some issues like whether they are following the rules with team members or not obeying the rules. We extensively use a mixture of competency and behavioral interviews to assess a candidate’s demeanour. We also have a clearly identified list of behavioral competencies for each role and make sure these are tested at least twice during the interview process. Though this method is not perfect, it does have a great level of reliability, says a recruitment expert.

Even social media also play key role in assessing a candidate’s behavior to assess their personality from all corners of personality. Many HR professionals are being trained in assessing the candidate’s psychological behavior by assessing skills such as perception, cognition, attention, emotion, interpersonal relationships, personality etc. The body language of a candidate also speaks volumes of information about candidate behavior from all aspects. A banking recruitment expert says that: I remember an incident when we had almost hired a person for a senior management job but during negotiations for the salary, he indignantly refused our offer. Had he not done that, we might have renegotiated, but we just decided to drop him. In financial services company integrity is most important fact and which very critical fact to test it in a candidate. Many times candidates were rejected for their attitude and temperament as they believe that skills can be developed at any time but building positive attitude is very hard, which is most important to survive in any job. So, it is important to build personality rather than job skills.

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