How to seek career help from experts?


Many people seek help from experts to get best career solutions in the best way to get them help themselves. Many people write emails to the career experts by seeking help from them to solve their career issues by outlining the many issues they encounter in their career path by giving pages of text and loads of information with side stories and background information. The main observations found in those emails are unclear and not up to the point are as follows:

Simply writing a mail by seeking career help without sending any request and no specific questions to be mentioned in that mail.
Asking the experts that they couldn’t pay amount for the services offered by them and they need free help
Asking the experts that what should they do to fulfill their career goals

This kind of messages will not be replied by the experts and need not give answers also as they feel that these are not answerable. People should try from their point of view and then approach experts to seek help. Even experts also not interested towards this kind of attitude who displays and not responds themselves. Below tips may helpful to seek career help from career experts:

Should be quick: Your points should be up to the point and reachable to the target audience. Express your problem in short sentences with good words.

Should be specific: Create a specific request like what exactly you are looking for and then put all of them in a straight forward and easy to understand method.

Be honest to perform your part well: A career expert expects some amount of fee and pay them as per their quotes and demonstrate your problems to get worthwhile solutions.

Check your expectations: some issues neither may nor solves through an email I f you send load of information over the mails also. It requires meeting them personally and exploring their help to get effective career solutions. Don’t expect any miracle results within short time and through mails. If you expect like that then results will be the same.

Ask for help: Be sincere, polite and humble to request for help and remember that you are seeking valuable help from a person in the form of service. Create an impression that the person should able to help/guide you.

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