How to revive your resume when you are applying for part time jobs?

part time jobs

Many people works on part time jobs, apart from their regular job or business. Preparing resume for part time jobs is very important but it’s a bit complex, because it needs to be convincing the employers as equal to regular applicants. Nowadays, even top companies also recruiting for part time positions to complete their pending works. Then we can say that, it is very easy to find a contract basis/part time job, but your resume should present you as the right person for the position they are looking for. Otherwise it will be difficult job to get the right job. Below tips may useful for the preparation of resume for part time employees.

Project your knowledge: Usually companies will screen the resumes more careful to the candidates who have been applied for part time positions. Employers may expect the candidates with prior knowledge and experience on their requirement. So, project the related knowledge and skills in your resume.

Present yourself as a fast learner: Generally companies look for people who understand their policies and procedures with fast learning. So, prior research about the company and modifying your resume accordingly may works.

Highlight the relevant experience: A recruiter looks in to your skills in your resume, when you are an experienced person. So, highlight your previous work experiences, when you creating your resume. The work experience will prove you as a qualified person for the job and recruiters will notice you as the profile they are looking for.

List the companies you have worked for: When you are working as a part time employee, it is important to mention the name of the company that you have worked for. Mentioning the company names and job responsibilities of that particular job helps the recruiters in determining the kind of skills that you have acquired along with your capability to complete their project successfully. This information gives more authenticity to your resume, even if it is a part time job.

Show that you are suitable to their work culture: A part time employee works for some time in organization and you should project that you are comfortable with the organization work culture. A recruiter not only look for skills and also test whether the person adjust to their working culture or not. So frame your personal goals with organizational and present your resume accordingly.

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  1. I want a part time job as well as full time job also.I am working in Automobiles since 1981 ,if you can provide a full or part time job based on my profile SHOWN in resume I will be highly oblised

  2. I want full time job

  3. I want to work full time job


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