How to Project your Skills in an Effective Way

How to Project your Skills in an Effective Way

You have answered well for many questions in an interview but you are stopped at one question. That looks very easy, but it is require d to project your skills to the interviewer in an effective way. For that you need to analyze your skills before the interview in an analytical way. Recent survey reveals that many candidates are unable to name their strengths and skills that they have at the time of interview. Skills means these are not only related to your career but you may also mention the specific skills if you have any like sports, writing and some other which will help you to build your confidence. For this recall the things about your skills:

► Recall the positive feedback if you receive any: If you have receive any positive feedback, accomplishment for the task you have performed with more passion. You can mention the extracurricular activities in past or current jobs.

► Take some examples and explain: When you are discussing about your accomplishments take some examples which you have received from your superiors and team leads while completing the tasks like managing discussions, good at writing reports, spread of information, multitasking.

► Achievements at the time you are in college: Nowadays many colleges have been preparing check lists to check their students are having those skills as per the market needs or not. So if you receive any achievements and additional skill based certification at the time college, you can mention in your interview. You can also consult a career advisor to highlight your strengths and skills in an effective way to land your dream and suitable to the applied job.

► You can also prepare a detailed report from your school days to preset of the skills you have to helpful in your job search. But remember one thing that self evaluation is the basic step to assess your skills. So discover your skills,interests and other to match with your job search


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