How to present your resume when you are planning to change career?

career change

Changing careers is a big challenge as it requires changing our resume with all details as per that. Showcasing your resume as per the required fields is an important task to present them to the employers.

Career objective: Once you have planned to change your career then your objective must be clearly defined. Your objective must not misguide the recruiters and it should give clear idea that what you are looking for.

Be clear about the unrelated employment history: Here you have to give a clear idea that why do you want to shift your career. If you have updated your skills then present them in your resume. Mention your employment history in a chronological order and present them to the employers. If the new career which you want to take-up is different from present one then highlight past accomplishments and future objectives clearly. At the same time stress more on your core skills rather than your designation, duration, job titles and job responsibilities which portray you as the right candidate for the right job.

Your transferable skills: Include your transferable skills like leadership qualities, project management and other soft skills to be held various traits in the industry. Your resume when you want to change your career should carry your skills along with you. Even your resume should also reflect that you are willing to learn for new things. Your resume should convey below things:

  • Accomplishments and skills you have gained
  • It should reflect that you are able to do more than past and present jobs

Project your ongoing requirements in a new way: Mention any volunteer program you have participated. It also shows your motivation and commitment towards the new career. Include additional course certifications and study courses if you have any.

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