How to present your resume at the times of crisis?

present your resume

When the market is at booming stage, then your resume will be getting shortlisted within short period, once you uploaded the updated resume. But if the economy is slow and market is down, then it requires extended modifications in your resume. Some companies will follow cost cutting policies and some other companies will follow job cutting polices to overcome the crisis scenario. Doing some changes in your resume will help you to get shortlisted easily for the job. Follow the below tips to change your resume accordingly for IT and non IT jobs.

Dont present your strengths by exaggerating: When the economy is in crisis then pay hikes will be at slow phase, and then don’t exaggerate yourself that make reluctant to choose companies and don’t present yourself as an expensive source to select recruiters by quoting more salary. Highlight your skills and achievements to appear as flexible at salary times. You can discuss about the salary at the time of interview, if the recruiter raises the issue.

Focus more on your cost saving policies: Highlight the cost saving practices you made at your previous company and present them in your resume or discuss at an interview. You can give examples in the form of numbers and percentages and how you’re saving programs will help the company in achieving cost analysis programs.

Present yourself as a stable employee: If you are a job hopper and have changed many jobs frequently, then you need to highlight them smartly in your resume and describe yourself as you are an expert at multitasking and worked in different roles for multiple companies.

Highlight more your skills: Identify the job responsibilities you have and focus more on the skills you have and which highlight them, how these skills helped you to get your job. Add more skills to your list.

Don’t put objective: At the time of crisis recruiters will concentrate on your accomplishments and achievements rather than your future career goals and objectives.

Update your skills: Analyze your current job and latest updates in the industry. Research the market that, what other skills may add value to your profile and also know about any certification programmes are there on your skillset.


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