How to prepare a resume for the position of HR?


HR persons are the pillars for Nay Company. Writing a resume for that position is really a big task and a company success depends on the HR people who hires right candidate for the company and a right candidate helps a company to go on success path. HR people job role include training and development and employee relations and HR policies. They are the medium between the employees and organization to solve their work related issues. So, when you are applying for a position of HR then your resume should reflect all those things and project you as you are a sensitive and able to solve the issues in a professional way. Below HR job role should be included in your profile to write a HR resume without any mistakes and in an impressive way:

Human resource management
Delegation of job duties
Clear understanding of organization behavior
Compensation and benefits
Safety and standards
Industrial relations
Accounts and business polices
A HR resume should include keywords related to organization behavior and related topics. A functional resume will highlight your responsibilities in a great way. Below points may helpful to craft a HR resume:

Highlights of your experience: Below points may helpful to get visible among the employers search.

  • HR policies introduced by you and achieved outcomes
  • How do you succeeded in retaining employees
  • Number of people you have trained in your career
  • New systems you have introduced as part of your job
  • Initiations taken by you in organization
  • Part of cost cutting strategies you implemented
  • Leadership initiations and your team achievements

Keywords to be sued in CV: Use some powerful words or keywords like addressed, educated, promoted, mentored, demontsrted, recruited, screened, scheduled, counseled, co-ordinate and terminated.

Designations of HR positions: Use various HR positions held like Executive HR, HR manager, Staffing manager and Pay roll analyst.

Skills you have: Basic skills for a HR position required are reading, writing and arithmetic skills. Mention in you resume that you have all these three skills and also mention that you are great professional with positive attitude and work for a company growth.

Additional responsibilities: Add extra responsibilities you have under taken as part of your job and include them in your CV. On job training you performed and trained employee numbers also need to be mentioned.

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