How to perform Anonymous review?

Anonymous review

Anonymous review is gaining momentum in these days and many of companies have been taking initiation to conduct anonymous reviews to know staff performance. There were some questions framed on staff performance about the satisfaction and performance of employees. Below things need to be carried out before conducting a survey. The thing is respondents should be free and able to deliver their opinions in a genuine way.

Initiation of survey: Know the aim of survey and develop the questions accordingly. Prepare the question to know the gaps in products and services and work hard to fill those needs as quickly as possible. Many people they don’t want to know their weaknesses and they don’t want to know from others that how they can do better. It requires an open mind sincere efforts to perform their job perfectly. If you allow the respondents to explore their opinions in a free way then it will provide the best picture on need of the hour basis.

How to know the cause: If survey people come to your company and interviews your people then how would they respond to your questions? Do you think that your HR department knows that you have all requirements for the success of your project? And do you feel that your HE department is very responsible for the questions?
These questions need to be answered about HR department to find the pulse.

Follow up: The major part of survey is not doing properly but main issue is to determine the data and doing follow up in a proper way. There will be many negative questions then it’s not a complete surprise, but now the pressure is on to actually work to solve the problem. Treat employees by respecting their ideas, launching pilot programs, and evaluate big changes against a small sample size before rolling out to the entire organization

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