How to manage your stakeholders?


People who are depending on your deliverables are called as your stakeholders like your family, boss, team, customers and clients. Your outcomes of work will interlinked with your stakeholders and your performance also affects them a lot. And presenting your request to customers in a delight way is important to get succeeds in this process. A manager from top MNC needed extra manpower and requested the organization by saying that workload is increased and it will affect the service quality and organization reputation in a great way. Here can we expect that he’ll get the positive response from his boss? The major issue is to get the acceptance for the proposal.

Could the manager take the right decision?
What will be the actual priorities of the manager?
To whom he is responsible and how occult it effect?
What will be the effect on other teams working on same role and is it encouraging or it should be avoided?
What are the recruitment straggles and requirements of an organization?
If not accepted, what are the alternative ways for this issue?

You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology…. said by Steve Jobs. Build a compelling case by fortifying your proposal with facts and figures that demonstrate benefits that link with your manager’s goals, problems and pain points. If your organization is not able to maintain the more headcount and their goal is to do more work with less manpower group then think for alternatives and explore variable options. Think in a way that if any viable solution to transfer a person from one department to another. Is there any chance to change the roles and responsibilities of a team? But think in a careful way and analyze the pros and cons for each issue. It should address both needs and should be viable to employees and employers by indicating the key performance roles. Identify the situation and analyze the facts to fulfill the requirements of multiple stakeholders.

A task is completed with mutual support of a team members like mangares, team members with building proper relationships in a team. A pleasant manner, an appreciative nature, and a helpful attitude will go a long way in forging strong relationships. Regular interactions with a team and connect them through their roles and insights, problems and views may helpful to understand a stakeholder role very easily.

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