How to manage your body language in the interviews

body language in the interviewsApart from qualification, certifications and answering interview questions, a positive attitude also plays a major in the interviews. Most of the candidates do not know the importance of positive body language and they ignore it at the time of interviews. Interviewers observe the way you answer the questions and also your body language. There are some important that should be kept in mind while attending an interview. Here are some body language tips that will help you during an interview:

  • Eye contact: It is very important that you should maintain a proper eye contact while answering the questions. Your proper eye contact shows that you are confident enough and also that you are interested. Remember that you should not continuously stare at the interviewer as it shows your aggressiveness to the recruiter.
  • Face: Yourfacial expressions are also very important and do not show your discomfort on your face. This will show that you are rude and arrogant. Have a smile on your face and maintain a firm expression on your face while answering the questions as this will show your interest, confidence and professionalism. At the same time, do not bite your lips or twist them aside, this will look like you are not confident or you are hiding something.
  • Arms: Your arms should also be in proper position as this will show your respect towards the interviewer. Do not fold your arms or keep them crossed as it will create an impression that you are not interested in the job and also that you disagree with what others say. Keep your hands on the sides, this will make you look relaxed and confident.
  • Body posture: A slump body posture will convey the interviewer that you are tired and you don’t have energy. Therefore maintain a proper body posture by sitting strait and erect. This will create an impression on the interviewer that you are alert and enthusiastic too. Lean slightly towards the interviewer so that he/she may feel that you are genuinely interested in the conversation.
  • Leg movements:Most of them have a habit of shaking their legs and they do the same at the time of interview also. This will show your nervousness or arrogance. Keep your feet firmly placed on the floor to show confidence and respect towards the speaker.



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