How to make an effective presentation?

A presentation is designed with an objective to communicate effectively. Making an effective power point presentation requires bit concentration and knowledge on the particular subject. You can easily communicate concepts that are difficult to grasp through the intelligent use of professionally produced visuals. This allows you the freedom to communicate more complex subject matter in a more efficient manner, adding support and impact to your script. The presentation should give a feeling to the audience that they’ve learned something. Nearly 90% of people choose PowerPoint presentation during their speeches. Tips for effective PowerPoint presentation:

• Do research about the presentation and prepare your PowerPoint according to that

• Keep in mind about the target audience and prepare as per that

• Time factor also important in designing the presentation

• Use Sans Serif fonts like Arial, Comic Sans and Papyrus. Fancy and cursive fonts are hard to read and distracting. Be selective while choosing a font.

• Make ensure that your selected font size should be 18 points or larger

• Don’t use all capital letters in your slides which is very difficult to read

• Avoid unique color combinations like red-green and other combinations which may be bad for eyes because a significant fraction of the human population is red-green colorblind.

• Don’t fill up your slides with more information. If you have detailed information, then divide it in to multiple slides and present it.

• The first slide of your presentation should include the title of your presentation

• The second slide should grab the attention of your audience

• The third slide should explain about the structure of your presentation

• It is important to give clear title/heading for each slide

• Don’t fill up the slides with overwhelmed images and text

• Breakdown the each slide into minimum essential components and organize them in a constructive way

• While giving presentation, face the audience and make eye contact and be enthusiastic with a confident tone

• Do practice before the friends and if not preferably using a video camera and timer

• Take feedback from your friends and make changes as per that and get ready.


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