How to make a Lateral Move? Here are the Tips…

tips to make a lateral move

Career experts suggest that lateral move is not bad, in fact it will be beneficial in the long run also. In a lateral move, an employee moves to the same role in the same organization with equivalent pay and job title role. An employee will be offered with new responsibilities and it gives a chance to the employee to enhance skills and expand their network with new employees and customers. Ultimately it’s an opportunity to expand their career path opportunities. Sometimes the reporting authorities may also change along with departments, offices, work areas, or work groups.

Here are the tips to make the best of a role shift

Up skill yourself:

Learn new skills on your functional area or existing skill set to avoid future confusions in job role. Companies also conduct training sessions for better understanding of new role before being inducted into a new role. Here we may not expect 100% results if an employee is not happy with their current role/ new role they can switch to their old role.

Keep going:

Movements in career are part of the career there may be lateral growth in entire career. This is common in a person’s career and bound to happen in a person’s career. An employee should make a decision that if she falls in the risk-taking category or is it helpful to skill development.

Be future prospective:

Experts suggest a lateral move may not beneficial at the time but it may be future growth oriented. For ex: Employees who moved from sales to marketing may have chances of promote as a general manager.

Get clarified- ask questions:

To get mingle with the new role, employees should connect with others and participate in discussions around their new profile. Also interact with other departments to know about different components, activities and jobs in the organization. It will help you to perform better by knowing about the outcomes of your role and employer expectations.

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