How to know your skills in a better way?

know your skills

If the interviewer asked about your specific strengths it may be difficult for you to name them in a proper way. But it is important to do some deeper search to find out the skills you have in an orderly way. Many recruiters say that many jobseekers fails at interviews that they are unable to present their skills. Sometimes we may not consider the skills which we have and need to be repetitively exercised like sports activities, a one-time project or experience like raising money for a club. These skills will energize and helps us to build our skills. Sometimes we need to reinvent the hidden skills of us to answer the interview questions with more confidence. Some of the below tips may helpful to recall the skills you have:

Recall the positive feedbacks you have received: Recall one of the happiest achievements you accomplished and you are passionate to achieve that. Extracurricular activities, past and present jobs, paid or unpaid, should be considered if the task was enjoyable and satisfying.

List out the skills which you are using when you need: Break down your accomplishments into parts from the beginning of your career to the present role. Learn more and know more about you with career tools like Holland’s Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers Briggs Personality Type Instrument.

Make a list of your accomplishments and skills portfolio with examples. If you do so, you will be ahead in your job search.

Analyze the facts and find the good job: Interests, personality type and values are as important as skills in finding a good career match. Go along with the market needs and take exercises or checklists to determine what skills, interests and values are most important to you in making a career decision.

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