How to increase your employability skills?


Most of us take nearly 7 to 10 months to get a new job. Think for the reasons and factors to get higher employability quotient from top companies in your preferred way. If you wonder to found answers for these questions go through below points to know the reasons and take right step to improvement.
Your resume: A customized resume is a key to success. You resume should reflects the requirements of recruiters for posted jobs. So customize your resume according to each job application and send to employers. From professional skills to soft skills in each aspect you have to customize for each job application. Go through the tips to write resume and proceed accordingly.
Networking: Enhance your employability by building the right connections on your network. When you are searching for jobs among the thousands of jobseekers, it gives you a face value and gives the potential to compete with right candidates. If we are referred through a person working in accompany when we go for n interview it adds value to our profile and position for which we applied.
Information: Collect some information before going for an interview. It is must to do some homework for an interview. It will help you to answers some questions easily like why do we hire you? And what do we know about this company?
Preparation: Practice makes man perfect. It is applicable to all and preparing for an interview will help you to answer questions in an appreciable way. Do group discussions from your friends and prepare through mock interviews. Take feedback where you are lagging behind and work towards those areas to become the right candidate for the interview.
Appearance: Interview is a process where it starts with your resume. Your resume is your second face and it projects your skills and experience in a right way. A right resume will do it perfectly and creates great impression. Email and telephonic conversation will also convey messages about you. You’re dressing in an interview also an important fact in determining your candidature. So, get ready as per the job requirement. If your job needs formal attire then go accordingly.
Approach: You are in job search and you are applying for many jobs whatever you hear and know form friends without thinking that it is suitable to you r not. Then stop doing this and be selective and choose a right job to apply. Going for the same company repetitively and getting rejected may drop your confidence levels.

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