How to hire the best candidate?

How to hire the best candidate

Sourcing a job fit candidate is very essential act in today’s recruitment process. Recruiting the right candidate is a complex process and it enables the success of an organization in a detailed way. Many of us don’t know exactly what is hiring and many of us thought that placing the right candidate of the right job. But experts reveal that the basic work flow of hiring include below points:

First of all detailed understanding of requirement
Selecting the right candidate

When the process begins about searching candidate there are two ways like searching and finding the right candidate through various tools available in market where one makes a relationship, builds a rapport with the aspirant in order to fill up the position. Farming is a different approach as it requires building relationships and network among the industry with solid ground work and it takes more time as compare to fill the open positions. It is the best way to fill the positions and an economy wants to scale up, recruiting will certainly play an important role and hence, sourcing talent will also be of much importance in identifying success.

There is mismatch in between the candidates understanding about the job requirement and skills need for the job position. There is also a gap between employer’s requirement and candidate’s eligibility. Candidate may think that they have exact skills required for the job position they applied like education qualification, skills, experience and other interests they have. But employer may think from the perspective of attitude, team spirit, skill knowledge and aptitude. Identifying the right skills and matching with them need to put lot of efforts and practical approach.

Earlier employers use to post the jobs in print media and search for the profiles for the best from the received. Now situation has been changed, technology has changed the face of recruitment in many ways. Social media platform are playing key role in finding the right candidate. To find the right candidates realistic targets and do research to find the right candidate.

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