How to handle the question ├óÔé¼┼ôAre you fired?

How to handle the question Are you fired?

If you are terminated in your previous job and you have got a chance to explain about it to answer why you have fired? It is a critical condition and not comfortable to explain about it. The best thing to explain about it is to get prepared well to explain about the situation. Follow below tips to discuss about the issue:

No need to discuss in detail about the issue unless and until the hiring manager asked about it. Let the hiring manager take decision and it is not important to display the information related to the work history.
Have a clear thought procedure to talk with hiring managers. If you get the situation to explain about it then take important points to be discussed and your role in the event. Don’t react immediately for this question; take some time to answer the question.
Think in your way that you are fired for any serious issue or some silly reason. If you were fired for not reaching your targets or deadlines then explain the reasons for that and what you have learned from your previous mistakes. Here you can avoid making excuses and try not be offensive if you get counter questions from hiring panel.
Make a note that when you are explaining the reasons then avoid things which disqualify you from job. Avoid the word fired and use terminated instead of it.
You can also explain in a way that you have learned lessons from it and now grown as a true professional and also tell the interview panel as you are not terminated and re evaluating your strengths and weaknesses to move to different job direction or to devise a plan to work on problem areas in order to stay fit in your current field.

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