How to guess your interview outcome?

guess your interview

When your interview completes and you come out from the venue and you will be thinking that you’ve done well in an interview. Nobody will guess whats there in an interviewer mind. But, some indications of interviewer may make you guess about your interview results. Read the below interview tips and feel free and happy about your interview results.

If you’ve been asked to wait or come back for 2nd round
If you’ve been asked to wait for next round, this is an indication that, you are get through of that round and asked you to wait for next round. If you’ve been told to come back for 2nd round, it conveys a negative indication that you’ve not been impressed by the recruiters. In this case chances may be less to get a call from recruiters.

If the interviewer takes more time to answer your questions
If the interviewer is specifically interested in answering all the questions and gives you more time to ask more questions, then it is a indication that interviewer is satisfied with your performance. But handle the situation with care and don’t drag the interview with more questions.

Fitting in their organization culture
The recruiting manager will also think that, whether you will fit in their organization culture or not? If the manager is talking on those lines, then its clear that your interview is on track.

References give a strong authentication to know more details about you. These background checks will take place only when an employer interested on you ,so that give only prompt and knowledgeable references during the interview to carry them to the recruiters.

Salary expectations
If the recruiter asks about the salary expectations, then its great that the recruiters ready to make an offer for you. This is the most important part of the interview and be careful at this point of time. Don’t come to the conclusion that, you are getting selected for the position. Let them start from the scratch to negotiate compensation.

When will you join?
Generally this question will ask by recruiters, when they are interested in you and if they thought that you are fit for the vacant position have been interviewed. If the recruiting manager discusses about the joining formalities and relieving details of your old company may strong indication of interview selection.


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