How to give feedback at work?

How to give feedback at work

A feedback works different for various levels of performers. Feedback is most essential thing for good performers as well as underperformers. Good performance lead too many things as it help to get promotion and good pay. Feedback is essential for all level of employees from entry level to managers. Good performers are already aware of their performance and they also expect the feedback from their supervisors as underperformers do. Without positive feedback even a start performer also doesn’t give high performance and mangers must know that a person cannot deliver more if his or her performance is not recognized and appreciated. If any changes in the performance of employee or behavior then required changes need to be done to bring back to the track.

Effects of positive feedback: There is a lot of difference between praise and positive feedback. Praise never point out a person behavior or performance to be carried out. A word well done doesn’t convey what he/she has done well. A feedback with below points may be more effective:

  1. Show the observations what you have made
  2. Explain the effectiveness
  3. Know the views and listen to response

Effects of constructive feedback: Sometime criticism also helps a person to develop in a constructive way. Statements which you are giving should not be vague and judgmental, striking at the person, not the behavior, an organization behavior expert says that Feedback needs to be contextual, pointing the employee to the specific behavior or performance element that needs to be curtailed or amended. To be effective, it should engage a person in a dialogue, be supportive in intent, and be given in the spirit of facilitating a change, rather than punishing or threatening. Constructive feedback contain below points:

Be clear and highlight the facts
Discuss its impact
Seek views and implement them for a considerable action plan

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