How to get the best outcome from an office meeting?

office meeting

Modern business have been taken new phase and it requires lot of coordination and collaboration among team members and managers. It is most important thing to plan perfectly before conducting any meeting. For this, there is a need of meeting to evaluate the business aspects in an effective way. The need of collaboration will increase the reliance among the team members. Meetings have become part and parcel of professional lives and any professional working day includes mix of desk activities and collaborative activities through meetings. Recent survey from top corporate reveals that many of the employees feel that meetings are waste of productive time. Below tips may useful for the best use of time in meeting and to get the best outcome from meetings:

Plan for realistic outcomes: Many people expected big wonders through meetings and experts advice that a clear agenda is compulsory to get understand the objectives of the meeting and to get the expected outcome at the end of the meeting.

Clear communication: Generally meetings are conducted among the people of different roles and responsibilities sand different department. So, it is very important to communicate among the group to get the outcome from discussions.

No distractions: Many participants of the meeting will do different activities like responding the mobiles, replying emails and answering the questions.So, some predetermined rules should be there to avoid the distractions.

Minutes of meeting: One person should be allotted to take notes and minutes of meeting to circulate among the participants of the meeting to get clarity.

Well scripted agenda: Most participants in workforce surveys note that the most common cause of meetings falling off the track is the lack of a defined meeting agenda. One person should take accountability for clearly defining the agenda of a meeting drilled down to the discussion points.


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