How to get ready for mid -term reviews?


This is the time to conduct reviews for quarterly, half yearly and monthly for the performance evaluation. Every company is doing assessments to perform mid reviews and assess the employee’s performance. Earlier many firms follow annual reviews and now it has been reshuffled to quarterly, half yearly and monthly and the process of employee assessment has been also changing. Waiting for a complete year and review about the performance is the too long and lengthy procedure and this is the changing trend in employee annual appraisal system to give feedback for particular time periods. Some simple strategies will help to get good results.

Many companies will follow subordinate reports and evaluations on the basis of their performance and reports from peer and subordinates. The positive feedback got from other departments in which you were connected also adds value to your performance sheet during the year. If the economy is down then companies follow different strategies to assess the performance of employees. High performers are given with good hikes and low performers are moved to performance improvement plans or categories. Change is inevitable for any person and changes in performance also happened in many originations.

Employees should also pull up their socks and try to enhance their performance to get big results at performance appraisal. Midyear performance is the great method to linkage with annual appraisals and many companies have been trying to identify the low performers at this instinct and get structured improvement at this point of time. It is an authorized source to managers and top level employees to discuss about the agreed goals at the beginning of the year. It ensures that employees should reach their goals and combine their target setting and ways to reach them through the performance feedback.

Managers and supervisors may take this opportunity to enhance their goals and discuss with employees in a constructive way. Monitor your goals, frame a clear plan and go accordingly as per the designated route map. Regular feedbacks, reviews and measures to enhance performance are the bets strategies to improve performance. Performance management is a new subject and many companies are showing interest to apply this concept. Mid- term appraisal is followed by very few companies and mainly appears in some departments like sales and marketing and many organizations they don’t link up with variable pay with half yearly review.

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