How to get ready for layoffs?

How to get ready for layoffs?

Today many businesses are terminating the employees or laying off to reduce the costs or to meet their business needs and requirements. Some restructuring process, cut backs, changes in senior management levels and regular office meetings are sign of downsizing process. This kind of situation definitely creates pressure on employees and creates uncertain situation and extra stress on supervisors who feel inferior themselves by knowing all the situations. Here you need to be wise and identify the changes in organization like fall down of sales; cost cutting or regular meetings and brain storming sessions are great signs of possible dangers. Below tips are helpful to manage your career in such kind of situations:

Be positive and stay focused:
Be cool and stay positive and don’t come to an imagination that you will lose your job and it may lead to downfall of your performance which can create a self-fulfilling prophesy. Maintain your regular performance levels and don’t get caught in a downward spiral that might only make things worse for you.

Update your job profile: Don’t wait until you get terminates from your company. Update your resume regularly and start applying for jobs. Updated profile will get you interview calls and reduce your pressure if the time worse. Keep trying for jobs and don’t wait until the last minute of situation. Update your profile with log of accomplishments you have made in your job.

Get clarity on situations: If you get a doubt that you are in danger situation then talk to your recruiting manager or hiring manager to know the exact situation. Clarify the state of the business and status of your employment too. Your calm request for information and effort to better understand the situation will allow your manager to address your concerns. This will give you the chance to know genuine information from the authority than speculative news.

Reconnect with your network: Updating your resume not only helps to get join in job. Reconnect with your network through social network channels like facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. Get their business card and connect with them on social networking sites or just stay in touch through email. It is very easy to get a job through networking rather than posting your profile on online job portals. You can also identify the other social media channels to teach your goal with your dream job and grab the chance of maximum employers.

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