How to get escaped from job scams?

Growing needs of the companies have created many chances for job scams like sending fake offer letters from top companies by using their mail ids and company logos and also asks to pay money for joining formalities. These job scams may takes place through emails or mobile phones. Below preventive measures may help in being safe from job scams:

Take reference: It is always safe to gather names of both employers and employees whom they have placed in before. Scammers refuse to reveal this information saying that it is a trade secret.

Check for reliability: It is better to contact the local better business bureau and the states consumer protection agency to enquire whether any complaints have been filed against the firm and whether it is a trusted company.

Avoid firms which operate solely through telephones or mails: Any firm or agency has to meet the employee directly and do an interview, before placing him/her in the company. If they dont do so and try to deal everything through emails or phones, then one has to avoid such kind of firms because they try to distance themselves from the client so as to avoid closer inspection. Never ever send cash through mails and do not give credit card number or your account number to unknown people or to telephone solicitors. Dont even reply to such kind of mails and it is better if you delete such kind of emails and messages.

Find out since how long has the firm or company been in this business: Try to gather as much information as possible and compare its progress with the other companies or firms as this will help you in judging the firm or company.

Ask for a refund amount: Asking for a refund amount and time period for receiving that refund amount is a safe method and get it written as well. Dont hesitate to ask questions as its your money and its your life.

Be patient enough and careful: Never take hasty decisions when somebody compels you to decide. Always keep a copy of the agreements for future.



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