How to draw a successful career plan?

Career plan is Important as it will help you for smooth flow of future. A clearly spelt career plan is essential for achieving long career goals. Below tips may help you in achieving career goals:

Think before changing your job: Dont plan to quit your job as your friends or family members are doing so. It is your career and you have to build your career. So, take decision accordingly.

Design a career goal: Take a paper and note down all your career goals. Now, take a decision and make sure yourself that what you are planning to aim in your life. You career map will help you in designing your career strategies clearly.

Your goal should have a plan to fulfill: Note down your career goals, which you want to fulfill in coming 12 months. Also draw actions accordingly.

Update your skills if needed: Be honest in evaluating your skills. Check yourself that whether you have updated skills or not? Analyze your strengths and weaknesses by discussing clearly with your peers and others.

Concentrate on required skills: Set an achievable goal and plan according to that. Upgrade your skills and set timelines to evaluate the plan.

Never give-up: Be target oriented and never give-up you plan, if you have faced any obstacles.

Below myths needed to be ignored while designing your career goal:

Career counseling is must: A career counselor can guide in taking decision but he is not the decision maker.

I have to choose the most ongoing career: Most of the people will choose their career as per the market trends. But, see yourself that it is suitable for you or not.

I have to follow the same career for many years: There is no rule that you have to follow the same career for life long. You can always change careers as per your wish.

I dont have unique skills: If you dont have unique skills, no need to worry about that.

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